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Review of the Jade Audio EA1

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hey All,

Its Your Friendly Neighborhood Reviewer with INTOIT Reviews.

So I’ve got something brand new to hit the market. And as far as I can tell, it’s so new that virtually no one has their hands on one of these yet. Except for me!

This is the Jade Audio EA1. Let's get InToit!

I loved the EA3, and like it, the EA1 has a FiiO sister IEM- the FD1. Both earphones have Beryllium-Plated drivers and come with the same sets of tips, and a nearly identical shell. The main difference between the FiiO variants and the Jade Audio variants is the cables and carrying cases included. The Jade Audio variants have silver-plated copper cables and the Fiio variants have monocrystalline, Litz, cooper cables included with them.

In observing the difference between the supplemental packages in the EA3 and the EA1, it appears that Jade Audio has corrected some miss-steps. The pouch included with the EA1 is slightly larger than the pouch included with the EA3, and the cable seems to be nicer, and less prone to tangling. So, in all, it looks like Jade Audio is paying attention to consumer feedback.

Unfortunately, the EA1 only comes in black at this time. With the FD1, they released black and blue colors that were similar to the Jade Audio EA3 variants, and I was hoping that they might release an alternative color for the EA1 as well, but alas, black is all we get at this time. Hopefully, they will release a different color from the teal blue of the EA3 and the FD1. I am eager for a purple, a white, or a green variant myself.

Regarding the sound, for $30 to $40 dollars, these are mind-blowing- keeping their price in mind of course. I will include a link through Amazon down below. In my FD1 review, I described the EA1 as “like a really good bookshelf. Its tight, and well-controlled; with great imaging, but in this case, it emphasizes mids and vocals particularly well.” And in this review, I’m mostly sticking with that description, but filling in all the details.

Based on a review of reports on the FD1, I expected the EA1 to have a large bass, and lean towards a brighter presentation. But, I was surprised to find that the bass of the EA1 was actually rather tight, and focuses more on a mid-bass hump; which is punchy, but somewhat one-note-sounding. Switching to the red-bored tips, increases the depth and extension of the bass presentation, but only mildly so. There is significantly less bass presence, impact, and sustain here, than in the EA3. Instead, the bass is more linear than boosted.

These are also an early, mid-forward set to my ears. Vocals and guitars are the prominent instruments on tracks, and with some mild aggression and energy to them. It borders on shout, but never seems to cross the line offensively. Treble has some good air to it, but is apparently rolled. Highs are more full-bodied in comparison to the EA3, but there is less treble extension.

A strength to this set is that it images very well, and instruments are separated well and distinctive within its soundstage. The soundstage isn’t super, duper wide, but it does have some depth and good height to it. Layering characteristics are significantly above average. This was displayed prominently on the song by The Trak Kartel; "Run up in Your Trap (Alyx Gonzales Swat Remix)." I find that the sound is rather immersive. Does it keep up with something, like a Final Audio, B3… NO! But ,for the price, immersion is excellent.

Timbre is slightly warm, neutral, and yet another strength of this set is its detail and resolution for its price. For a single, dynamic-driver; I’m hard pressed to think of anything that I’ve heard that is more resolving under $100 dollars. Transients and decay is also excellent, and adds to both its detail retrieval and immersive character.

The RHA Dual Density tip was the best match for this set, and are a must have for $5 extra dollars ordered directly from RHA. It smooths out a bit of the set’s mid-forward nature, and provides a bit of sub-bass extension, which I find most enjoyable. While I normally take a medium-sized tip, the RHA tips tend to run on the small side, so Large fits me best here, which is something to note if you plan on ordering a set. This is also my favorite tip at the moment for the Moondrop S.S.R., as it produces similar outcomes for that IEM.

Link to RHA Dual Density Tips (the black are more comfortable than the clear to me):

In summary, I think that FiiO has produced another winner in its Jade Audio line-up. Like I said in the FD1 video, the EA1 bests FiiO’s own beryllium-coated, single dynamic driven IEM, in direct competition. The tonality of the EA1 is simply superior in comparison to the FD1, even if the FD1’s stage is somewhat more expansive.

Regarding an update on the FD1, after burn-in of the new set, I will say that the new set is better, but all my opinions and assertions about the FD1 have remained remain unchanged; so there is no need to make a follow up video beyond this one.

In comparison to the EA3, the EA1 is more detailed, but less extended and emphasized at each end. Some people found the EA3 too bright or bombastic, and this IEM might be aiming to correct that with a mid-forward vocal push. But, in my opinion, both Jade Audio IEMs are fantastic for their price.

Anyhow, I hope you join the Neighborhood by subscribing here, and also following the channel on Instagram and Twitter as well. There will be another Koss KSC75 giveaway at the 1,000-subscriber mark.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for initial reviews, which will often hit the blog first. I will place a link to all of these Neighborhood access points in the description below. Amongst these will be a link to the Patreon. The Patreon is only $1.50 a month, and it will get you early access to future blog reviews. I’d like to use the Patreon money to fund future IEM purchases, like this one. So if you’re interested in “what comes next” make sure to show the Patreon your support. Again, links will be placed in the description below. So big things are happening in the Neighborhood, but I’m out, for now.

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